Aunkh H Chabalala

Dr. Elizabeth Debold

My life’s purpose is totally committed to uniting humanity through sharing the gifts of consciousness from a universal, yet Afrikan perspective. I serve humanity as a medical natural scientist, sangoma-inyanga (metaphysician-healer) and epidemiologist with special interest in research, development and innovation of natural medicines and food. Additional services to the planet include facilitating consciousness expansion tools in ancient African-Egyptian (Kemetic) cosmologies, spiritual technologies, meditation techniques, initiations, and medical martial arts (qi gong, tai chi, etc.)

I founded the Amen-Ra Institute (non-government) and Infinite Earth whose objective is to restore holistic African-Egyptian sciences of consciousness and life for the development of thriving societies. Professionally, I’m tasked with providing leadership in the area of Indigenous Knowledge-Based Technology Innovation of the South African Department of Science and Technology. My PhD research was on interfacing indigenous knowledge with modern science, technology and innovation for inclusive development. However, my passion is in restoring ageless and timeless spiritual wisdoms of the ancients; interfacing these with bio-based sciences for socio-economic development.